Welcome to the world of lejON, the LeJOS Odometric Navigator!

This web site is dedicated to the team project in the frame of the master study course at the University of Applied Studies and Research in Wernigerode, Germany.
We would like to give the result of our work to the open community. Therefore, the code available at this site is under the terms of GPL.


02. Nov 2006
Java sources for DIDI
Finally, Java sources for DIDI are available. It is stored in the zip file together with the constructopedia. You can find it on our Robots site. Have fun!
13. Oct 2006
lejON in conference
Our project achieved its first award: Today, it was presented to the audience of the conference WAIT 2006 in Wernigerode, Germany. Furthermore, it is also part of the proceedings for this conference (ISBN-13: 978-3-00-020033-5, Hochschule Harz, Wernigerode, Germany, pp. 169-176). You can take a look at the slides and a demonstration video on our Download site. The video was shot during a presentation in Magdeburg, Germany, earlier this year.
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